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These are some of my favorite links. You might like them; you might not. Some of them may contain things you can't understand, or things that you understand far too well. Some of them will lead you to fascinating places, filled with wonder and splendor that will enrich your life and change your perceptions of reality. Others will cause fear and loathing, forcing you to contemplate a close inspection of your most recent meal or perhaps making you cower in fear under your basement stairs until your caffeine high wears off and you finally succumb to the recurring nightmares.... In either case, I hope you understand that it's all the same to me. Once you follow one of these wondrous links, you have passed beyond the Casual's influence, and any stress or lessening of Slack you might experience is no longer covered by our friendly refund policy. Just be sure to enjoy whatever reaction you may experience; it might not come along again for a while.

CasualHang out at some generally interesting places.
CasualEase your mind.

Startrek Check out some Star Trek links.

General Trek Stuff

Star Trek Women

Fan Organizations and Conventions


Star Trek Politics

Trek Humor and Parody

Trek Drinking Games

Bab5 Check out some Babylon 5 links. 

Information and Stuff

Babylon 5 Humor and Oddness

CasualExperience the Super Dimension Fortress Macross.

CasualStill bored? Try some other science fiction links.

CasualHave a drink!

Some Drink Ideas

Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon




Other Stuff



CasualHow about a nutritious meal?

CasualCaffeine is Good.

CasualEveryone loves Altoids.

CasualStill sober? Try some other drinking games.

CasualTry some games of chance.


Fabulous Las Vegas!

CasualNot a gambler? Try some less intense games.

Casual How about some role-playing games?

CasualNeed a change of time period? Check out medieval history and re-ceation.

Casual Get some Slack!

smile!Experience miscellaneous humor and odd stuff.

CasualFor a more leisurely voyage, check out airships.

CasualNeed PC help? Try some PC optimization links.

CasualGet some Winsock software.

CasualMaster your PC - or destroy it beyond recognition.

CasualDon't stop now. Check out some cool Web resources.

Search the Net for Stuff

Search the Net for People

Search the Net for Places

Other Net Stuff

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