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Resolving Command Disputes

One of the most unorthodox things about Barfleet's command structure is a little thing we like to call "Commanding Officer Redundancy." When the second Barfleet vessel, the UBS Relax, was lost on Stardate 18709.19, her Commanding Officer returned to the Casual. This was the indispensable Commodore Flynn, former XO and Chief Medical Officer of the Casual. The loss of the Relax hit him hard. To help ease his pain, on Stardate 18709.22, I made one of my more questionable decisions, aided by several pints of Irish stout and the gentle ministrations of some visiting Orion females. I decided to share command of the Casual with him.

From that day on, I was in command of the Casual from 1201 to 2400 hours; Flynn had the job from 0001 to 1200. To maintain some consistency between commands, we decided to promote Commander Sulleven to Captain (merely a gesture; we never gave him a ship or anything) and assigned him as XO for both Commodores. This, of course, meant that Sulleven was on call 24 hours a day, and Flynn and I agreed that it would be great fun to see him pull it off. Since that time, there have been a number of Commanding Officer changes, but the traditions forged in the early history of the Casual live on.

Because of the redundant nature of the Commanding Officer, occasionally there arises a situation in which Commodore MacLaren and I cannot reach agreement on an issue. In such situations, the following protocol will be observed for resolving any dispute.

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