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The fun-fated USS Athena approaches the Great Barrier
The fun-fated USS Athena approaches the Great Barrier
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The Lessons of the Past

It is an often said and widely believed truism that the lessons of history , when studied and understood, will prevent us from making the same mistakes over and over again. That's not always true, of course; if fact, aboard the Casual, we usually study our past errors to make sure we can reproduce them with a high degree of accuracy.

Over the years, the Casual has had some interesting, unique, and wholly unbelievable adventures. I've collected some of the juicer log entries from those periods and have placed them here, so that future generations of laid-back folks can learn from our experiences and find new mistakes to apply to their own lives. Due to the unfortunate gaps in Alden's long-term data storage system, this data is far from complete. As new material is recovered, I will of course add it to the database for all to view.

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Commodore Erickson's Recovered (Selected) Log Entries

The Birth of the Casual

The Saga of the UBS Relax

The Humbardo Incident

Nerds and Hallucinations

Time and Suction

Doing Business with the Ferengi

The Colony of Relaxia

Through a Bottle Darkly - The OTHER Mirror Universe

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