Personal Alden Relay Terminals: Featuring up-to-the nanosecond breaking gossip and compromising holovid, parts are your direct link to what's happening on board the Casual!

TOP STORIES ­ "Starfleet Intellegence, an oxymoron" & "Days of Discipline" TOP STORIES ­ "Father Cowboys Missionary Postion" & "Public Disservice Announcement" TOP STORIES ­ "Discovery of the USS Python" & "The PROTEC" TOP STORIES ­ "Betazed Table Dance" & "Temporal Anomalies"
TOP STORIES ­"New gender-specific beverage designed" & "Who does he think he is? series" TOP STORIES ­"TrashAway Incident" & "Sacrificium Sanctum" TOP STORIES ­ "Race around the Rings" & "Special Operations dresses down Captain Kirk" TOP STORIES ­ "Things man was not meant to know" & "Pick the new recruiting poster contest"
TOP STORIES ­ "Excitable Boy HoloPlay" & "200 year old bloodwine endangered" TOP STORIES ­ "Famous guest used Daphine" & "Search for the next Bajoran Sexual Gratification Ritual site" SPECIAL IBS ISSUE TOP STORIES ­ "A First Intimate Contact" & "A Blonde & the Warp Core"
SPECIAL HALLUCINODECK ISSUE TOP STORIES ­ "Quasi-monthy budget meeting" & "1st Invitational Beer Chess Championship" TOP STORIES ­ "The Occasional Medical Emergency" & "Tranporter Mix Ups" TOP STORIES ­ "Racercraft Mach V" & "Evils of Line Dancing"
TOP STORIES ­ "Capt. Von Matic first day on the job" & "Newly-outfitted Battle Bar" TOP STORIES ­ "Security Troubles" & "Installation of a full Roman-stlye bath" TOP STORIES ­ "A little accident at Gorth IV" & "Hallucinodeck re-creation of Rose Red meets the Three Stooges" TOP STORIES ­ "Atmosphere accident on Espanol Bzzt IV" & "Commander Dagars Birthplace is found"
TOP STORIES ­ "Party Mission to the planet Krowd'd IV" & "Promotions!!" TOP STORIES ­ "Things man was not meant to know" & "Eternal Empire of the Invincible Space Nazis invasion" TOP STORIES ­ "Presenting - the RobotenderTM" & "Racing, Sunbathing and Military Simulations !!" TOP STORIES ­ "Trans Warp Optical Assistant" & "Amazing Alcohol Additive "
TOP STORIES ­ "NO IDEA" & "Hair Remover" TOP STORIES ­ "Dark" & "Slack Wars" TOP STORIES ­ "Danger Golf" & "Couples Corner"

   Since the Casual's computer is the disembodied brain of Alden Tomain (who was very fond of gossip and trivia) the parts you see reflect this in their content drawn primarily from The Casual Observer.

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