Sensor data on the USS Enterprise from her last visit to the UBS Casual. They were here, semi-officially, on shore leave. However, it seems that a couple of her crew were working for Starfleet Intelligence. Apparently, they wanted details on the technology behind several of our systems, including the Yukon Torpedo and the Wave-of-Lotion Gun. The covert operatives were detained and questioned using the Never-ending Edge of Release technique while a certain First Officer (whom shall remain nameless) was admirably distracted by select members of the Casual's crew.

   Ship's Computer Alden was able to interface with the Enterprise and replace the sensor logs with data from questionable systems of Orion design. We suspect Admiral Mallory was behind the attempted espionage but no clear data trail exists. We won't even mention the enormous bar tab the crew skipped out on when they received new orders. Now, we believe that we are above such petty things such as bill collectors and repo men, so we will not pursue the matter further. But, having the flagship of the whole freaking Starfleet owe you a favor is a pretty useful thing, if you stop to think about it.

Logged by:
Commander Jon Thomas
Chief of Security

   A picture from the monthly Days of Discipline seminar in the Main Club on Deck 12. Yo!Woman! Freya demonstrates whip techniques on Yo!Woman! Amanda to an enraptured crowd. The seminar later had an open practice session with the audience grouping off and using some of their new skills with their fellow attendees. Response has been so overwhelming that Commodore Erickson has entered into negotiations with the rulers of the planet Triskelion for a series of lectures. First in the series is titled Proper care and feeding in relation to keeping an attitude of complete subservience.

   Futher details will be made public as soon as the Captain can be bribed - I mean convinced, - into releasing them.

Logged by:
The Casual Observer