Ship's Chaplain Cowboy poses with some of the crew he hopes to recruit into a new religious order. The Sisters of Bountiful Mercy, which he will head, will serve the more "spiritual" needs of the Casual and her guests. "We believe the Sisters will cater to those looking for more satisfaction than can be found in the average, mundane environment." Chaplain Cowboy commented. "The Sisters of Bountiful Mercy will offer a piece ... I mean, the peace of true fulfillment." The Sisters will wear the traditional habit consisting of a black dress and mascara.

   After the success of the Divine Drink Symposium, Cowboy is hoping to convince Captain MacLaren to allow the Chapel to be opened and re-conditioned, stating "The Sisters will need a base of operation. We can't expect them to carry out their missions of mercy in their quarters, now can we?"

Logged by:
The Casual Observer


Public Disservice Announcement

   Those who really care wish to remind all guests and crew of the hazards of circumventing the EADS. This system (known affectionately as "Lunk") is in place for a reason, and tinkering with it can result in an horrific experience similar to what Capt. Bizarro (pictured at left) underwent. His unauthorized attempts to dispose of the shellac remover he termed "a drink" brought about this tragic condition. Don"t let yourself or your loved ones fall prey to a bad mix: If it smokes or eats the glass, use "Lunk". Do it -- and avoid the terrifying consequences.

Just a friendly reminder from:
The Medical Staff

-Capt. Bizarro

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