The crew of the USS Python. This ship (a Monty-class deep space exploration vessel) stumbled across the Casual after being lost for 21 years. Apparently, a wormhole had thrown them well off-course and damaged several key systems, including all astrogation primary and secondary software. The crew were able to repair the damaged systems but discovered they had no idea where they were. The Python continued on her mission, charting & cataloging planets while supporting themselves by trading with the civilizations they discovered. Finally, they encountered the Star Desert and the Casual. We were able to point them in the proper direction in exchange for some new technology that started the Chief R & D officer, Commander Talon, drooling.

   This image, taken just before the Python left to return home, shows just what can happen to an outstanding Starfleet crew when faced with an extended mission without adequate Rec facilities. The silly buggers actually thought they were dressed in Starfleet's latest uniform. We didn't have the heart to tell them. I'm certain something like that could never happen to us.

Logged by:
Jon Thomas
Chief of Security

   Casual Industries proudly presents the latest entry in the Environmental Hazard Suit Market. The PROTEC (Peril Resistant Overt Tactical Extruded Carapace) provides the ultimate in personal protection. Designed by the Casual's Crack R & D team and refined by the miracle workers down in Engineering, PROTEC offers unparalled defense against contact-related contaminants. Lightweight yet tested tough under laboratory conditions, the PROTEC is your assuance that you'll never bring home more than fond memories of the away-tem experiences. Available in a variety of styles, including new "Cherries Jubilee" and "Ribbed Crusader". Order Today!

"First Contact missions are
always more spontaneous
When I'm wearing my
     - Dr Kael Agioval