The Casual is thrilled to announce the development of a new gender-specific beverage designed to restore innocence to those who may have misplaced thiers. Too good to be true? Well, just look at the unretouched photo above as proff positive that is works.

   Citing a hot tip from a nameless Orion's best buddy as inspiration, the Medical Staff is frantically trying to patent the formula and sell it to the Ferengi Comglomerate before any regulatory bodies find out and try to shut us down.

   Says Party Marine Alexander York, "I've carried a lot of woman to the Dispensary before, but none that looked that innocent. This is truely something new on the Casual.

   The only real drawback is a period of inebriation during which the subject is completely helpless and compliant. Efforts to correct this side effect have been discouraged by the Commodores.

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   We at the Casual Observer, bring you the first in our "Who does he think he is?" series. We help this will help you recognize some of the important members of our staff. The Casual Observer makes no judgements on the relative merits of any members of the crew. We leave that up to you.

   Captain Havok (front/center) - Havok had a promising career ahead of him in R&D untill condemned to the Captaincy by the Commodores. We caught him here in a moment of worshipful contemplation

   Lt. Bastard (left) - Looking sleek and oh-so-chic in his daring Hawaiian shirt/Kilt combo, Lt. Bastard sweeps the runway this year with a daring display.

   CMO Renee Darvis (at desk) - Here we see Cmdr. Darvis desperately busy trying to look desperately busy. It's budget time after all, and we had a camera

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The Casual Observer


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