After the premiere showing of the Casual's latest HoloPlay "Excitable Boy", much of the audience were moved to spontaneous displays of affection and good will. The play, adapted from Zevon's late 20th century work of the same name, is the story of a teenage serial killer and the the system that abandoned him.

   DC Donal, a bit of an excitable boy himself, reviewed the piece. "A truly excellent rendition. The cage of bones scene was particularly gripping. A worthy successor to last years ´JAG Officers, Dazers, and Latinum´."

   Most notable affected were the female members of the crew. Many vowed to never let their friends walk down the dark path of serial murder alone.

   On our Dazer scale, from "What battery?" to "Whoa, Overload!", we give it a "Fully charged and ready to party". Check it out with someone you want to know better.

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The Casual Observer

   Capt. Havoc looks on in horror and Cmdr. von Matic makes a desperate attempt to save a cask of 200 year old bloodwine. Lt. Dagar was carrying the precious beverage from stores up to the Battle Bridge for the Command staff weekly meeting / Strip Poker night when he was struck by a recurring malady. It cases a sever degradation of motor skills and a white, foamy secretion from the mouth/nose are. Its' cause still eludes the best minds of the Medical section.

   Dagar continues to be affected by this strange occurrence roughly every 3 months. It seems to clear up after a good nights' rest though, so the Medical staff aren't too worried.

   The Bloodwine was unharmed and was delivered to the Battle Bridge after only a slight delay while Havoc and von Matic cracked the seal and rigorously field tested the contents.

Logged by:
The Casual Observer


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