Possibly because the Casual sees all manner of strange and immoral acts guaranteed to shock the most hardened deviants, some of our guests are a bit media shy.

   One of our guests (who shall remain nameless due to the possibility of legal action) was getting directions to the nearest Water Closet from Yo!Woman! Daphne when he noticed our reporter. Attempting to ensure his continued advancement in his chosen career, he quickly ducked behind the nearest cover, namely Daphne. Fortunately for us and unfortunately for him, Security had a working camera in the area.

   At this pointThe Casual Observer has been instructed by the JAG office to remind our readers that we would never stoop to blackmail (unless so ordered by the Command Staff) and distribution of all information found in any of our publications is limited to Barfleet personnel. And the Weekly Galaxy New. And The Romulan State Watchtower. Oh, and I forgot FNN

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   The staff of the Casual is always working hard (or so they would like you to believe) to bring you the ultimate party experience.

   Recently, CMO Dr. Darvis and her Yo!Man! Porter traveled to Bajor for and extended tour of Bajoran entertainment centers. They were looking for another site for the next Bajoran Sexual Gratification Ritual. The previous site refused to rent to the Casual again citing "excessive cleaning costs due to soot from the Immolator and unidentifiable stains on the walls".

   Here Dr. Darvis and Porter prepare to field test the fixtures in one potential site. "We have to make sure these things are safe." Dr. Darvis commented. "If someone has an accident, who's going to have to take care of them? Me, that's who!"

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