A First Intimate Contact can be an Interesting excuse for a party. Here Commodore Erickson poses with a delegate from Lupus Noir XIII, more commonly known as the Planet of the Vampire Women.

   The ruling Class of LN XIII are vampires in the classical sense. They live off the blood of male subjects who exist solely to serve the whims of their mistresses.

   The Vampire women regard their subjects as a "herd" and expect them to dress accordingly. In honor of the visitors' customs, we found the Commodore dressed up for the annual Pasture Patty Festival observance on Deck 10.

   A side note to all crew: disposable hip waders are recommended on Deck 10 until an appropriate Ken/Barbie cleanup crew can be mustered.

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The Casual Observer

   A new contest dubbed "A Blonde & the Warp Core" pits blonde members of the crew against the Warp Core Chamber down in Engineering.

   It seems the subjects have to figure a way out of the room that they have found themselves trapped in. EADS Lunk, a big fan of the contest, said "We don't put them in there or disable any of the systems at all. For some reason they close the door and have a hard time getting it open again. It's great fun watching them try to get out."

   Wagers are often made on how long the blonde will be stuck until she manages to push the red button labeled "Door Override", thus opening the door.

   The record of 3:51:26 is currently held by Flossie Starpuffer.

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