Yes, those brilliant (if twisted) boys down in R&D have done it again. Introducing the latest upgrade to the Casual's famed Hallucinodeck, the Fanstas-o-matic. Designed as a plugin to the already versatile Hallucinodeck system, the Fanstas-o-matic uses a biogel neural net patterned after the mind of a powerful (if erratic) Betazoid diplomat to sift through the subject's mind and create the ultimate fantasy.

   Here we see the most enthusiastic subject to date. Gronk is experiencing his fondest wish, to command the USS Enterprise-D with his XO, Daphne and Ship's Counselor (and personal love slave) Zelda.

   What are some of the crew saying about the Fantas-o-matic?

   "I don't know. there are things in my brain that are better left there."

-Comm Erickson

   "An interesting use of bio...(shik)...
Hey, wanna dance?"


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The Casual Observer

   Unfortunately, no all of our stories concern events that are fun and (hopefully) amusing. Sometimes tragic and potentially dangerous things occur.

   Cmdr. Thomas was recently stricken with a disease we thought eradicated centuries ago. It seems that he caught a severe case of Poke´fever. he locked himself in a Hallucinodeck for three days, declaring himself to be the "Master of the Black Dragon Gym".

   Using his experience as the Chief of Security, he was able to thwart all attempts to remove him until he was lured to Sick Bay with the promise of a rare alpha edition Alakazam.

   Attempts are still proceeding to remove the seven unlucky guests that Cmdr. Thomas had somehow trapped in a strange device he called a "Poke´ball".

Logged by:
The Casual Observer


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