Not everything is all fun and games on board the Casual. Meetings still need to be held, plans made, requisitions filled. The crew of the Casual works hard (or so they would like us to think) at having fun.

   Here Yo!Woman! Crystal petitions Comm MacLaren for a pay raise at the quasi-monthy budget meeting. She based her request on her remarkable assets and the experience she provides the Casual party atmosphere. After Crystal's impassioned plea, here request was granted by MacLaren, Yo!Woman! Ileana, and DC Donal. Ship's Computer Alden (seen here trying on a new face) recorded the entire meeting and made it available to the general public (additional charges applies).

   "Based on what I saw and heard in that meeting"
MacLaren reports, "a raise was justified. Besides, what we make on pay-per-view will more than cover the operating expenses for the Casual for 2, maybe 3 months easy."

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The Casual Observer

   The UBS Casual 1st Invitational Beer Chess Championship opened last week. A teeming Throng of spectators packed the gallery to witness the inebriated contenders match wits in the ultimate conflict between the cold logic of master-level chess and the warm glow that an expertly brewed ale can provide.

   In the action-packed final match K'Mosh, a Kligon renegade, repeatedly threw taunts and chairs at his opponent, Romulan Praetor Drennel. The game lasted nearly 2 hours before the arbiter realized that both contestants had passed out and were in fact suffering from acute alcohol poisoning induced by the 7 matches they had played to reach the final.

Logged by:
The Casual Observer


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