The Medical Staff of the UBS Casual certainly has its work cut out for them. When they aren't busy behind the bar, they still have to deal with the occasional medical emergency.

   Here we see CMO Renee Darvis with the assistance of the EMH, trying to work out just how JAG Officer Cmdr. Fey O'Keefe's came to be in such a predicament. Even though he is no longer a member of the Medical Staff, Comm. MacLaren still consults on the difficult of interesting cases.

   Cmdr. O'Keefe's story is that she was engaged in a zero-g gymnastics exercise when her leg locked in an awkward position. That's her story and she's sticking with it, by god.

   "After several hours of conferences and several more drinks, the crack team down in sickbay was not only able to restore Cmdr. O'Keefe's leg to its proper place, but was also able to remove the Ixanian Purple Feathered Serpent from her neck without damaging either the serpent or the Commander. Why the serpent was running around loose in the zero-g gym is still under investigation.

Logged by:
The Casual Observer

   Even with the best technology that we can buy, borrow, or steal, sometimes accidents occur. After a long and grueling First Intimate Contact mission on Sumware-IV, Comm Erickson and Party marine Delgrath wanted nothing more than to get back to the Casual and its slack rich atmosphere.

   Unfortuately, an unexpected failure in one of the jury-rigged patch cables in the transporter caused their patterns to be mixed with those of the Ambassador of Sumware-IV and her handmaiden.

   While Engineering labors to undo the damage, CIO Lt. Cmdr. Ogg, feeling secure in his Peril Sensitive Raincoat (pat. pend.), tries to help the Comm. see the humor in his situation.

Logged by:
The Casual Observer


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