Comm Erickson unveils the Casual Technical Industries latest entry in the highly competitive personal shuttle market.

   Called the "Racercraft Mach V", it represents a major improvement over last years' "Corvette HM´67". The Mach V keeps the convertible look of the ´67, but adds a more aerodynamic profile and a more efficient braking system. You'll remember that the ´67 relied on a double drag-chute to slow the vehicle once it touched ground.

   The Mack V features hydraulic jack takeoff boosters, counter-rotating landing clearance cutters, and a storage space you could fit a small child and chimp in without any noticeable loss in performance.

   The Racercraft Mach V is expected to hit the market at 400 bars/latinum.

   Tax, title, license, permit, and transponder programming extra. Trixie package also available

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The Casual Observer

   The evils of Line Dancing seem to surface every 100 years or so. A threatening wave of it swept though the Casual last month.

   Here we see an image captured from the security system. It appears that groups of crewmembers were sneaking into 15-Starboard, playing late 20th-Century music, and doing a dance called "He Went Thataway".

   Luckily, the Medical staff caught the outbreak before it could spread and contaminate party life throughout known space.

Logged by:
The Casual Observer


Desperation: the
Mother of Perspiration