Occasionally all of the Casual's array of high tech equipment fails to adequately warn the crew of possible dangers. The atmosphere of Espanol Bzzt IV contains Nymphonine, a chemical that triggers the mating instinct of human females.

   Inflicted with a violent urge to reproduce, the female crewmembers resorted to attacking the rest of the Away Team in order to gain satisfaction. After several hours, it was discovered that, despite the best efforts of the team, the chemical also repressed the ability to achieve orgasm.

   The team was forced to rely on mechanical assistance to satiate the women in order to transport them back to the ship and safety. Cmdr. Thomas wore out three sets of batteries dazering subjects into submission while Ensign Dwarf wielded his “Gas-powered Vibrator of Doom” to subdue the 12th female that had attached herself to Commodore Erickson that hour.

   "A sample of nymphonine was collected and sent to Medical for analysis, but was destroyed by Dr. Darvis. “Some things are just too dangerous to have around” explained Dr. Darvis.

Logged by:
The Casual Observer

   A recent discovery on Barren IV was cause for great celebration on the Casual. The hermetically sealed chamber, built to withstand enormous pressures, was found to be the birthplace of our own Commander Dagar.

   Dagar doesn't remember much of his childhood, leaving us to try and reconstruct the details from archeological evidence left behind at the site. As best as can be discerned, a sample of the as-yet-unknown donor's genetic material was placed inside the chamber. Over the next several years, the sample was exposed to radiation of all types, varying gravitational fields and finally struck by lightning. The result being, of course, the Dagar we all know from Jello night at the pool.

   So now we know. Note: Medical is currently dispensing medication for those of you who will be suffering from the same recurring nightmares that the staff here is having.

Logged by:
The Casual Observer


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