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   Never let it be said that the crew always ignores posted warnings. On our last Party Mission to the planet Krowd'd IV, they did actually notice the signs clearly posted on nearly every wall.

   Krowd'd IV suffers from severe overpopulation, resulting in the populace being forced into smaller and smaller spaces. As a result, the entire population is afflicted with agoraphobia. Since they refuse to leave their planet, we flew down to provide a bit of entertainment.

   As the crew disembarked, they lost no time in getting into the spirit of life on Krowd'd. Packing themselves into as small a space as they could manage, they walked off the platform to greet the teeming crowds that awaited them.


Logged by:
The Casual Observer

   Spring is here, bringing the return of warm weather (on most planets), new growth and the inevitable round of promotions. Just the word brings shudders of fear to Senior Officers.

   The Casual observer was invited to the latest Officer Assessment Meeting to quell the rampant rumours of nepotism. Here we captured Yo!Woman! Factor Twice revealing her outstanding attributes to Commodore Erickson. Using these attributes as the foundation of her argument, she affirmed her qualifications to continue serving as Commodore's Yo!Woman!.

   The Commodore Erickson agreed with her assessment and thereby passed her over for the position of Communications Officer. Crewman Joe, on the other hand, after witnessing the argument, had to be rushed to Sick Bay. His symptoms, light-headedness and an inability to concentrate, disappeared after a round of intensive physical therapy applied by one of the nurses on duty.

Logged by:
The Casual Observer