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   The gang down in R&D have done it again. This time, working (very) closely with the Medical Department, they have come up with the ultimate in low cost, low tech party enhancement. Presenting - the RobotenderTM.

   Faced with the problem of providing high quality party refreshments in environments that range from the stressful to the (quite) dangerous, Commander Darvis presented her dilemma to those not-quite-stable minds in R&D. Using a rugged frame, the Robotendertm can serve drinks from its onboard stores of Romulan Ale, Snakebite or the ever popular Yukon Torpedo. The traditional glassware for the YTs are kept in the shoulder-mounted dispensers. It's high-speed blenders and micrometer-rated manipulators combine with the latest Negatronic brain patterns (copied from Lt Commander Info) to ensure a solid (if not creative) replacement barkeep.

   Here we see Commodore Erickson giving the RobotenderTM a thorough field test. Lt Redskairt demonstrates how easy it was to use, while Ensign Quellenom fails to resist her training and asks it to fill the little cup.

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The Casual Observer

   Given the outstanding variety of crew members that Barfleet attracts, finding adequate relaxation facilities can be a challenge. I mean, just try to find a site that can accommodate Racing, Sunbathing and Military Simulations all at once.

   Never let it be said that Barfleet doesn't look out for it's own, though. After searching through countless planets, numerous dimensions and several alternate timelines (well, Ship's Computer Alden did the actual searching. All we did is feed him the parameters of what we wanted and he did the rest), we discovered the ideal location. In an alternate timeline of a nearby dimension on the 4th planet of the star "Solarus", the crew relaxes watching the 117TH annual War Machine Demolition Duel.

   Here we see Comm. Dagar cheering on his favorite while Lt. Mumm and Capt. von Matic discuss potential strategies. In the background, Dr. Darvis takes some of her staff to task for playing around with one of the already eliminated competitors.

Logged by:
The Casual Observer


Work is the curse of the Drinking man