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   Our Chief Navigator, Lt. Commander Winsor Maylin, poses before his contribution to the long Casual tradition of devising dangerously intriguing devices.

   The "Trans Warp Optical Assistant" is an enhancement to the standard navigational sensors. According to the blueprints, it is designed to "punch" a hole into Warp space, increasing the sensitivity of the Casual's optical sensors by a factor of 10. In practical terms, this means that the Command Staff will be able to look into bedroom windows up to 5.2 light years away, thereby becoming the first inter-stellar "Peeping Toms".

   Commander Anika is seen here trying to analyze the legal implications of such a system. Or maybe she has just gotten lost in the complicated diagram that had Lt. Commander von Wasserstien muttering ""It can't possibly work. The math is all wrong."" all the way down to his lab in Engineering.

Logged by:
The Casual Observer

   We all know the members of Barfleet often have rather checkered pasts. It's one of the things that provides us with a broad range of skills to draw upon in times of crisis (like last week when the JelloTM Shot dispenser became gummed up with dried gelatin and Commander Dagar had to hook up the Vac-U-Suk to remove the offending material).

   However, The Casual Observer has discovered evidence that some of the crew haven't given up their old ways. The picture above was taken on Gulybull IV. It plainly shows "Doc" Bastard and his Amazing Alcohol Additive ("Good for what ails ya!"). Bastard proclaimed that Pvt. Gronk had miraculously become pregnant and that Triple-A had, well - enhanced --Yo!Woman! Daphne. Selling for 30 strips of Latinum, "Doc" did quite a brisk trade before packing his traveling show into a poorly disguised RunaroundTM and returning to the Casual.

   Most shameful was the presence of Captain von Matic. An official "Smack on the Back of the Hand" is expected to be issued by the Command Staff shortly, due to his failure to include the Commodores in this latest venture. It should teach the Captain that all monies made using Casual resources are to be split with the entire Command Staff.

Logged by:
The Casual Observer


Work is the curse of the Drinking man