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   We here at the Casual Observer would like to formally state, for the record, that we have absolutely NO IDEA what is going on here.

   These are the facts as we know them.


  • 1) Security/Medical Mole…err…Liaison LT. Chip "Red" Skairt has been putting in for a lot of overtime lately.
  • 2) Various female officers have been "incommunicado" for times matching the those that Lt. Skairt has claimed.
  • 3) Using #'s 1 & 2 as justification, the staff of the Casual Observer hacked into the Security Logs and tracked the Lieutenant's activities.
  •    After carefully examining the "liberated" video for a period of several hours, looking for any sign of interesting material, we are forced to admit not only did we not find anything that could be used as blackmail…I mean the Front Page (yah, front page, that's it). We were incapable of figuring out what the hell was actually going on.

       We therefore announce the 1st ever Casual Observer Contest, the "What the hell did I miss?" contest. Please submit any theories to the usual blind drops. Big prizes await the winner(s).

    Logged by:
    The Casual Observer

       Well it seems that "Doc" Bastard has struck again. One would think that after the "Amazing Alcohol Additive" fiasco, the crew would learn that cutting the Command Staff out of the profits is a Bad Thing.

       Here we see "Doc" and his "Incredible Hair Removal Booth". The theory behind the IHRB seems solid. Take a standard transporter stage, modify it so it only locks on to body hair below the neck and beam it into space.

       At 5 strips of Latinum for a full treatment, "Doc" pulled in quite a tidy sum before certain male officers, who prefer a more "hirsute" look to their partners, started looking into the missing hair mystery.

       "Doc" and his accomplice were taken to task by the Command Staff and forced to pay the graft to avoid a week in the barrel with no finger-full of fish fat.

    Logged by:
    The Casual Observer


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