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   While a large quantity of the Casual's male contingent was away playing soldier at the Worlds at War competition, the ladies of the Casual had some fun of their own.

   In a stunning coup, the temporarily partnerless Yo!Women! seized control of the ship. Capturing the remaining male crew, they forced them to submit to whatever outlandish whims struck their fancy. A photo smuggled out at great risk to body integrity shows Yo!Women! Chrissy and Cmdr Muse toying with LtCmdr Klozov.

   The takeover was short lived however. As soon as the B&B company returned home, suffering from Acute Testosterone poisoning as Dr. Darvis pointed out, they took matters into their own hands. Several hours later, the ship returned to its normal state of affairs.

   The Casual Observer would like to send our well wishes to Mr. Klozov. We hope the skin grafts take.

Logged by:
The Casual Observer

   The recent Worlds at War competition on Solaris IV saw the first non-lethal entry in over 50 years. The boys from the Casual entered the "Bayonets and Balls" company of the Party Marine Corps in the "My gun is bigger than your gun" contest.

   In a stunning disregard of such things like planning and tactics, the B&B, led by none other than Commodore Erickson himself, executed an orbital drop, claiming the central control point. They then proceeded to lay down a curtain of Dazer fire that no other team could penetrate.

   LtCmdr Bastard and Pvt Gronk set up Heavy Dazer positions while Cmdr Dagar, in his "Cook of Death" persona, flung his famous "Nice Warm Melons of True Ecstasy" causing advancing troops to satiate themselves to the point of exhaustion.

   Commodore Erickson, leading from the APT "Glory Hole", a Casual Heavy Industries Advanced Party Transport, completed the sweep, dazering pockets of resistance into quivering submission.

   All in all, the Boys of B&B took home the Silver Medal, losing only to the Klingon "Death & Dishonour" team due to the lack of copious dismemberment and bloodloss.

Logged by:
The Casual Observer


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