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   The latest round of "Play it where it lies" Danger Golf has concluded and the results are in. With 2 rounds finished and only one more to go, the scores are:


    Cmdr. Darvis     -3
    Yo!Man! Mumm     -1
    Capt. von Matic     +2
    Cmdr. Dagar     +7

   Experts have blamed Cmdr Dagar's rather poor performance on his tendency to become distracted by the skimpy outfits that Dr. Darvis insists on wearing. "I need to be comfortable when I'm out on the links." Cmdr. Darvis explained, "If his hormones are interfering with his game, well, there are surgical procedures that can 'FIX' that, aren't there."

   For those who haven't been following this newest entry in the "Danger" sports category, we present a quick recap.

   The foursome use the transporter to beam to a random location. They have one minute each to tee-up and drive down the "fairway". After all have had a chance to swing, Ship's Computer Alden records the relative positions of the players, beams them to another location, and play resumes. Locations are now scanned by Alden to determine suitability after the unfortunate incident involving Cmdr. Thomas and the boiling lake of lava. From the Staff of the Casual Observer to Cmdr. Thomas: Don't worry. Eyebrows grow back.

Logged by:
The Casual Observer

   Just a reminder to the crew, the Casual Couples Corner is currently closed for cleaning. The Couples Corner is scheduled to be reopened as soon as Housekeeping can figure a way to clean that sticky stuff off the leaves of the Gorthan Boozewood trees.

   Remember, it's only costs a single strip of Latinum for a couple to enter the Corner and fulfill their voyeuristic/exhibitionistic desires. Do what you want while other couples look on!

   Just stop by the Captain's cabin, and get your ticket to the Corner today!

Logged by:
The Casual Observer


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